Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Mentalist - Blinking Red Light

The CBI is called into investigate a Fresno serial killer who preys on 16-20 year-old girls. The killer binds his victim's hands and feet with wire, slits the throat, and then puts objects (such as coins or stones) on their eyes as he watches the blood drain out of them.

The case centering around the death of young girls, one in particular (Kelsi Cullimore) at the hands of a predator, hits close to home for Jane (Simon Baker) who still has more than his fair share of issues tied up Red John and the murder of his wife and daughter. However the case does give the consultant a unique opportunity to take down another serial killer, make use of annoying reporter Karen Kross (Missi Pyle),  and bring Red John back into the light.

Lisbon (Robin Tunney) believes she has her man in a creepy single middle aged man with a thing for photographing young girls but Jane is far more interested in a blogger (David Paymer) who has been covering the case since the first girl went missing.

Although his early baiting of the suspect fails, Jane finds a way to get the killer off the streets. You can hardly call the actions of Jane at the end of the episode ethical, and we'll have to see what the ramifications are to seeing the bloody smile face adorning a wall over a victim, but their is a satisfaction in seeing the consultant take down a man, who believed himself untouchable and too smart to ever be beaten, by simply letting him run his mouth on live television.

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