Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Covert Affairs - What's the Frequency Kenneth?

While keeping up appearances at her Smithsonian cover Annie (Piper Perabo) is approached by an agent (Tony Curran) of MI6, who, not knowing who Annie really works for, tries to recruit her to work for the British Government. Annie takes an immediate shine to Kenneth (Curran) and, with Joan's (Kari Matchett) approval, gets her first taste of life as a double-agent.

The man Kenneth is investigating is a world renown art restorer (Navid Negahban) with no political affiliations and no evidence of any suspicious activity. Seeing no reason to continue the wild goose chase Joan pulls the plug on the operation. However, Annie's suspicions about the man prove too tempting to let the matter end there.

A little more snooping puts both Annie and Kenneth in danger and he's forced to come clean about how he ended up on this case before getting dressed down by his superior. However, a flash of insight, and a little good luck, put the pair of spies on the right track in discovering what's really going on in a certain Smithsonian exhibit.

The episode's other stories involve Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) giving Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy) a push to resurrect and old CIA program, which turns out bad for everyone involved (at least initially), and Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and Parker's (Devin Kelley) final days together before she leaves for the Peace Corps.

The Second Season's second-to-last episode proves to be another winner. Along with the show's regular twists and turns it was fun to see Annie playing the asset rather than the agent this time around. Perabo and Curran work well together on-screen, and I'm hoping this isn't the last we've seen of newly appoint Field Agent Kenneth Martin.

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