Sunday, December 4, 2011

Burn Notice - Depth Perception

While Fi (Gabrielle Anwar) and Jesse (Coby Bell) travel down to the Caymans to help Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) out with his latest assignment from Ansen (Jere Burns) involving blackmailing a banker (Simon Kassianides) to release the money from Ansen's flagged account, Sam (Bruce Campbell) is approached by an old friend (Ilza Rosario) who believes someone is trying to kill her over articles she wrote for a Columbian newspaper.

To help Sam's friend Michael is forced to ask the man who is blackmailing him for help. Ansen agrees, and uncovers a spy (Chris Marks) and expert sharpshooter with a grudge who was outed by an article written by Beatriz, but the cost for his involvement is his inclusion in the operation and unfettered access to how Michael works.

By the end of the episode Michael will find a way to save Sam and Beatriz but not without admitting certain hard truths to himself and learning just how deep Ansens's tendrils into his past go. With only a couple episodes left in the season Ansen is revealed to be even more dangerous, and insidious, than Michael first realized. And he's just given his blackmailer $200 million to further his purposes.

A strong episode that furthers the season's arc as well as puts Sam in precarious situation with the U.S. Government. We'll have to see how this, the risk to Fi's freedom, and the information about Michael's father all play out over the next two weeks.

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