Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Young Justice #11

With so many Bat-titles out right now imagine my surprise in finding the best Batman and Robin story of the month in Young Justice. The rest of the team is given most of this issue off as Robin helps Batman track down Ra's al Ghul and foil his latest diabolical plot to rid the planet of humanity.

The action is great. We get Batman and Robin battling several assassins as well as Ubu, Talia, and a final showdown between Batman and Ra's al Ghul.

Writer Greg Weisman makes good use of Talia's torn loyalties and her feelings for the Dark Knight Detective as well as Batman's more understated feelings for her in return (who knows Talia isn't going to be pleased by Robin being responsible for the latest "death" of her father).

The rest of the Bat-books have been a little shaky this month, but I'll give credit for Young Justice for delivering a fun Bat-story on all counts. And the best part is we'll get even more as the story concludes next month! Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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