Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nightwing #4

Another of DC Comics New 52 titles goes off the rails. We know we're in trouble from the very start when the comic is opened to find a that Trevor McCarthy has replaced Eddy Barrows as artist for this issue. Aside from not knowing what age to draw Dick Grayson (a common problem in Bat-books this month) McCarthy's art is certainly slick, but he seems to be suffering from the same affliction of Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane in wanting to draw characters in awkward angles in big splash pages regardless of whether it helps tell the story (or makes sense).

The story is also confusing as Batgirl comes to town asking for Nightwing's help (after telling him to stay away just one month ago). I don't know if the writers' were going for a Buffy/Angel homage here, but it's impossible not to see the similarities with "Sanctuary" and "The Yoko Factor."

The villain is an undeveloped stand-in for Clayface that comes off disappointing that the pair deal with without too much trouble. The more looming threat of a villain who knows Nightwing's secrets is mentioned but instantly discarded.

The part of the story that does work is the effect Babs arrival has on Dick and Raya's burgeoning relationship. Even when trying to put things right at the end, Babs causes even more harm. Women. Hit-and-Miss.

[DC, $2.99]

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