Monday, December 12, 2011

Leverage - The Girls' Night Out Job

In the latest episodes of Leverage the team splits into two groups as the ladies and gents both have themselves one crazy night. This week's episode, "The Girls' Night Out Job," showcases the ladies' adventure involving a thief, an old friend (Jeri Ryan), an embassy party, and an explosive finale. Next week, "The Boys' Night Out Job" will give us the skinny on what trouble the guys get into when another old friend (Drew Powell) returns.

Sophie (Gina Bellman) and Tara's (Ryan) night out is interrupted by a call from Parker (Beth Riesgraf). An elusive thief (Sean Faris) has set his sights on her friend Peggy (Lisa Schurga), first introduced in "The Juror #6 Job." He plans to use her access to a consolate dinner to sell inside information to the highest bidder.

The evening begins simply protecting Peggy and shadowing the thief and his potential buyers, but the girls soon learn their is something much darker brewing under the surface. One of the potential buyers (Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez) isn't interested in the data, he just wants to make sure anyone attached to it doesn't make it out of the Venezuelan Consulate alive.

Throughout the episode we get clips of the boys' adventure and I'm a little disappointed the two episodes weren't shown on the same night as they were made to fit together. That said, there's much here to enjoy including Parker's epiphany about her relationship with Hardison (Aldis Hodge) and Tara and Sophie finally getting a chance to work together.

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