Thursday, June 21, 2012

Batman and Robin #10

"War of the Robins" begins as Damian assembles all of Batman's former sidekicks together (minus, of course, a still un-rebooted Stephanie Brown) and announces his plans to defeat each of them proving himself to be the best Robin. He begins, not surprisingly with his most heated rival, Tim Drake.

The story certainly fits the character who has a need to live up to the legacy and prove himself worthy of the mantle (which, in Damian's dickish mind means showing up each of the previous Boy Wonders). I'm also glad to see, at least in one of the other Bat-titles (other than Red Hood and the Outlaws), Jason Todd is sticking around for at least an issue or two.

The comic's other storyline introduces a new villain named Terminus who prepares to kill the Batman before his own demise. Nothing special here, and Terminus is certainly overshadowed by all the Robins appearing in the same panel together for the first time in the New 52 (although we still haven't gotten Batman and Red Hood together, yet). Worth a look.

[DC, 2.99]

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