Tuesday, June 19, 2012

White Collar - Season Three

The Third Season of White Collar finds Neal Cafferey (Matt Bomer) confronted with a choice. After the fallout from Season Two's finale, Neal and Mozzie (Willie Garson) find themselves in possession of stolen Nazi treasure with hundreds of millions of dollars. But despite his best friend's constant urges to run with the loot and start their new lives, Neal finds himself unwilling to give up his partnership with Peter (Tim DeKay) and the life he's created for himself as a consultant for the FBI.

Highlights from the season include Mozzie meeting a lady friend (Lena Headey), the return of Keller (Ross McCall), Neal going undercover at a prestigious private high school, the rocky road of Neal and Sara's (Hilarie Burton) relationship, a new thief who reminds everyone of a young Neal Cafferey, a heist at Yankee Stadium, and the season finale where Neal, Peter, and the rest of the gang testify at Neal's hearing to commute his sentence as the con man attempts to stay one step ahead of Agent Kramer's (Beau Bridges) attempts to take him down.

In true White Collar fashion the show goes out with a bang, delivering another cliffhanger which should take the show in an entirely different direction (at least for the first episode or two), as despite his decision to stay, Neal is left with no other choice than run.

The four-disc set includes all 16 episodes, members of the cast pairing off for a trivia challenge, a gag reel, deleted scenes, a short featurette on series creator Jeff Eastin's obsession with Twitter, and commentary for the season finale with Eastin, Bomer, DeKay and Garson.

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