Saturday, June 9, 2012

Justice League International #10

The team returns to New York follwing their trip in Paris (which took place, in an apparently completely unnecessary crossover, in Firestorm). No closer to understanding the reason for the bombing that left three members injured and one dead, the team licks their wounds before heading to Washington D.C. to face the Burners.

I've really wanted this title to succeed but the team, personalities, and conflicts struggle so much against the new gritty universe of the New 52 that it's difficult, especially when, ten issues in, the comic isn't sure who all of these characters are or how exactly they fit together.

Their battle with the Burners, which takes up a good chunk of the issue, works okay. And if how Intersek uses the team's powers against them to take down isn't exactly but it gets the job done (even if events feel a bit rushed).

We do get a couple of small moments between August General in Iron and O.M.A.C. over their similar situations and another scene of Guy Gardner visiting Ice in the hospital, but the focus is on a group of relatively unitnteresting super-villains that ends with the JLI smacked down again along with yet another cliffhanger. Hit-and-Miss.

[DC, $2.99]

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