Monday, June 11, 2012

Fairly Legal - Force Majeure

Justin's (Michael Trucco) surprise gift of two tickets to a private concert of a Brazilian singer/songwriter (Josefina Scaglione) impresses Kate (Sarah Shahi) but has unintended consequences when the limo on the way to a private party afterwards with the star leads to her arrest after drugs are discovered by the police.

The following media storm threatens to derail Justin's candidacy for District Attorney and Lauren suggest he do his best to lay low until they can figure out a strategy to spin the story. Meanwhile Kate and Ben (Ryan Johnson) are hired to represent the singer who insists she was framed for her political activism in her home country. Things get more complicated when District Attorney Davidson handpicks the prosecutor (Connor Trinneer) in the case to smear Justin's name and destroy any chance he has to win the election.

In the episode's B-story Lauren concludes her business with a billionaire (Lloyd Owen) who takes an immediate attraction to the managing partner of Reed & Reed and proceeds to attempt to woo her, Despite her initial attraction to the man, Lauren ends the relationship before it can begin after she catches him in a lie. I'm hoping this isn't that last we see of them together as this is the first Lauren-only subplot the show has given us that would be worth exploring over an several episodes (perhaps next season?).

With one episode remaining and her relationship with Justin on more secure ground than ever, Kate finally seems willing to admit (at least to herself) her feelings for Ben. As to how all of this, and the race for D.A., will play out, I guess we'll just have to wait one more week to find out.

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