Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Covert Affairs - Rock A My Soul

Joan (Kari Matchett) moving up in the world means new challenges for her a raise for Auggie (Christopher Gorham) who takes over as the Intern Head of the DPD. Annie (Piper Perabo), meanwhile, puts Teo's (Manolo Cardona) intel to good use and goes undercover as the new neighbor to a pair of Chinese spies (Constance WuJohnny Wu) with ties the the ALC currently living in Washington D.C. who Annie tails to a secret meeting with Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin).
Tensions between the lovebirds are raised both by Auggie's promotion as Annie's new boss and his unwillingness to discuss his connection to Teo and the six he spent secretly training Arthur‘s (Peter Gallagher) son which Wilcox dangles in front of Annie as a mystery she must solve. Despite being given strict orders to watch, but not approach, the spies Annie makes two plays to try and turn the Chins. The first fails, but the second allows the CIA to put the Chinese spies in productive custody. Unfortunately for the everyone involved, Henry Wilcox's reach proves to be longer than either Annie or Auggie believed as the safe house is compromised, the Chins turn up dead, and the proof Annie needed to take down Wilcox disappears.

Henry's reign of terror is just beginning as he makes visits to both Arthur to declare his intentions to put Arthur's son in ground (as well making vague threats to Joan's unborn baby). Henry also catches a glimpse of Annie leading the Chins to safety which no doubt will spell trouble for intrepid heroine down the line. The death of the Chins also ends Auggie's promotion in favor of the surprise choice of Calder Michaels (Hill Harper) who takes control of the DPD as the episode comes to an end. Calder's raise to prominence explains Harper's role as a series regular (rather than a recurring guest-star), but even if the man is firmly in Henry's pocket such a jump seems more than a little unlikely.

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