Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Supergirl #23

It isn't every month you get the death of a title character in her own book. Fighting Kryptonite poisoning, Cyborg Superman, and an entire legion of replicated heroes and villains created from her own memories (Superman, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Silver Banshee, Reign, Tycho, H'el, Appex) Supergirl battles valiantly until the end.

With the disillusion of Supergirl's physical form, used to purge the Kryptonite from her system and to create a new body for Cyborg Superman, we learn the identity of our villain (who sure isn't Hank Henshaw). The comic also gives us the arrival of the creature who created him as Brainiac arrives on I'noxia.

With the number of villains thrown at Kara the issue is filled with action but still packs an emotional punch with Kara facing both the mistakes of her past and her own mortality. Don't weep for our heroine quite yet as I'd be very surprised if Kara isn't back among the living and trashing Brianiac's ship before the end of the next issue. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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