Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Castle - Last Action Hero

When a washed-up 80s action star turns up dead on the eve of his possible big return Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) investigate the actor's world including his rumored past as a covert agent for the Spanish Government. Some investigating by Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Ryan (Seamus Dever) uncovers some odd behavior in the week leading to the victim's murder including contacting an old source within the Spanish Government (Gonzalo Escudero), miscellaneous surveillance equipment, a secret meeting with his ex-wife (Kathleen York), and choosing to hole up in a crappy apartment under an assumed name.

Loving every nostalgic moment of their latest case, Castle continues spinning wild theories of what may have led to the actor's death... at least until he learns the truth about his B-movie action idol who was never an actual spy. A little more digging uncovers another former actor (Adoni Maropis) now playing out his longtime screen role as a drug dealer in the real world and the series of events which led the victim to risk his life while attempting to take down a drug dealer just like his on-screen persona.

Without the proof necessary to catch the killer Castle finds himself in deep water when the Expendables-style action stars (including Ted McGinley in odd but humorous casting) decide to take matters into their own hands and avenge their fallen friend. Retrieving the evidence needed to close the case through less than legal means, Castle delivers it to Beckett who quickly discovers the true motive for the crime and what the murderer (Krista Allen) was willing to kill to keep quiet.

Dripping with cheese, "Last Action Hero" offers several big laughs including Castle living the dream of going on a mission with his action hero idols (headband, slow walk, background fireball, and all). Adding a touch of melancholy to the goofy proceedings, the episode's B-story involves Kate saying farewell to her old apartment, and the memories which it holds, moving in with her husband. Having Lanie (Tamala Jones), rather than Castle, involved in this subplot is a clever choice by the writers allowing Beckett her own private moment in an episode dominated with Castle craziness.

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