Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Librarians - And Santa's Midnight Run

So Santa Claus is real. And he's Bruce Campbell. The latest episode of the The Librarians returns both Lesley-Ann Brandt and Matt Frewer as members of the Serpent Brotherhood still looking for magic to transform the world to their liking. The Librarians-in-Training are called in to stop the villains' latest plan to kidnap Santa on Christmas Eve and steal a year of accumulated good will before it can be released.

"And Santa's Midnight Run" follows the goofy formula of the series so far which is helped a little by Campbell's guest-appearance. Still, even for a holiday-themed episode, stealing the magic of Christmas from Santa Claus isn't exactly a great premise to start with (the show's writing definitely needs to pick up if it wants to make it past a single season). Along the way to their eventual victory, Eve's (Rebecca Romijn) dislike of the holiday creates some friction with Saint Nick and fleshes out her past a bit more. And, in a nice bit of writing, the episode delivers each member of the team a Christmas wish (of sorts) including temporarily making Ezekiel (John Kim) full of the Christmas spirit.

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