Saturday, December 20, 2014

Person of Interest - The Cold War

Person of Interest's three-part Trilogy event ends "The Cold War" between The Machine and Samaritan as Decima's artificial intelligence begins manipulating human lives on a city-wide scale, first by lowering crime and then by escalating it, in an attempt to force Finch's (Michael Emerson) creation to come out of hiding. Since the first discussion of the creation of a second A.I. the show has teased us with the concept of two gods going to war. That time has now begun as Samiritan's emissary, a creepy little grade-school hacker, informs Root (Amy Acker) that Samaritan has decided to take a more pro-active stance in guarding (i.e. controlling) the local populace which includes eliminating The Machine and those who serve it.

Given her new cover identity has been blown, Shaw (Sarah Shahi) is stuck underground in the abandoned subway tunnels as the rest of the team work furiously to save as many numbers as possible, failing more often than they succeed. Given the fact that the show's last big multi-episode event led to the death of one of its core members, I have some trepidation as to where the show may be heading. Shaw and Root have both become key pieces to a show that has evolved from its initial concept; I'm in no hurry to see either exit stage left.

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