Monday, December 1, 2014

Morning Glories #42

The disappearance of Jade, who was actually kidnapped by Jun and Guillaume hoping to trade her life to bring back his brother Hisao, has the unintended consequence at firing up Casey's hatred for the faculty (who she assumes has taken her roommate again) and, against her better judgement, forces her to announce her candidacy for student council president.

Morning Glories #42 may not sell me on the idea of student elections being a must-read (even in a school as fucked-up as Morning Glories Academy), but the events surround Jade's disappearance add just the right fuel to the fire to force Casey's hand (although if we are to believe Jade's vision it might be leading her down a path to Casey's own destruction).

Several other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle the comic has become are touched on (without revealing much) including Ian's odd "science project," and the relationship between Hodges and Daramount, Akiko and Fortunato, and Vanessa and her mother. Worth a look.

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