Monday, December 1, 2014

The Mentalist - Nothing But Blue Skies

The Mentalist returns for its final season with Jane (Simon Baker) and Lisbon (Robin Tunney) heading back to work for the first time as a couple, a fact they decide to try and keep from the rest of their FBI team which surprisingly doesn't include Fischer (Emily Swallow) who is replaced in the season premiere with Quantico rookie Michelle Vega (Josie Loren).

The latest case involves the death of an undercover FBI officer who was looking into black market sales of military-grade weapons before being shot behind a bowling alley. Unable to reveal the fact about the man's true identity, the team initially struggles to find any legitimate lead... at least until Jane blurts out the truth in front of a room full of suspects. The real clue to solving the murder comes not from the man's undercover assignment but from Jane poking into the agent's past and discovering a clue that will lead the FBI to, as Jane puts it, solve two cases for the cost of one and catch a killer (Bryan Rasmussen).

I'm sad to see Swallow leave but Loren makes an interesting addition to the team as someone new to introduce to the method (or sometimes lack thereof) behind Jane's madness. Marcus Pike (Pedro Pascal) gets an appearance as well striking a well-placed blow against Jane and Lisbon's new romance. Despite the pair shaking off his unexpected appearance, it will be interesting to see if his words to Jane about what The Mentalist can offer Lisbon have any lingering effects over the show's shortened final season.

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