Monday, December 15, 2014

Elementary - The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction

While running into an old flame that makes her reconsider her current long-distance relationship, Watson (Lucy Liu) helps Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Kitty (Ophelia Lovibond) on a case of a missing woman which becomes far more interesting than it initially appears. Connecting the disappearance of their client's sister with several other unsolved crimes, all of which share one bizarre common characteristic (an odor of nutmeg found at the crime scene), Holmes deduces they aren't looking for a single killer but an expert cleaner destroying any evidence of a crime scene the police might otherwise find.

The mystery of "The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction" may not be one of the show's best, but the unusual occupation of their prey (something more akin to The Blacklist) certainly makes it stand-out. Holmes' insights into Watson's love life, and what kind of relationship best suits her, are intriguing. Will this version of the character ever find her "Mary" or could Joan's romantic dalliances become a bit more varied as Sherlock suggests? The episode also returns Candis Cayne to the show as Mrs. Hudson for the first time since late last season.

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