Monday, December 15, 2014

Covert Affairs - Frontforwards

Hoping to beat Aleksandre Belenko (Shawn Dowyle) to the only surviving member of Auggie's (Christopher Gorham) unit he hasn't tortured and/or killed, Annie (Piper Perabo), Auggie, and McQuaid (Nic Bishop) head to Buenos Aires. Finding former CIA Agent James Decker (Kenny Johnson) in prison and discovering Belenko has used them to discover the location of his illusive prey, the three put their heads together to come up with a quick and dirty prison break scenario to get the former CIA agent of out prison before Belenko's men can find him.

In the episode's B-story Calder's (Hill Harper) emotional reaction to the murder of Sydney (Nazneen Contractor) leads Joan (Kari Matchett) to discover the Russians have changed their position on their former associate and now have decided they would be better off killing Belenko than supporting his vendetta any further. After rescuing Decker and taking Belenko hostage (who the CIA now wants taken alive) the situation becomes very fluid very quickly as enemies may have to become allies if Annie and McQuaid hope to make it home alive.

Rather than offer a final showdown of Annie vs. Belenko, "Frontforwards" sets up a scenario where Annie will be forced to help the man who tortured her former boyfriend, shot her current boyfriend, and planned terrorist attacks which took the lives of several members of the CIA. Can Annie and McQuaid make it out of Buenos Aires alive with Belenko? Should they even try? Next week's season finale should not only wrap-up the Belenko storyline but also offer some insight into Ms. Walker's future (both with McQuaid and the CIA) setting the stage for the show's return for a possible Sixth Season.

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