Sunday, December 21, 2014

Covert Affairs - Gold Soundz

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Fifth Season comes to a close with Annie (Piper Perabo) and McQuaid (Nic Bishop) hunted by an elite Russian hit squad while trying to make it out of Argentina alive with Aleksandre Belenko (Shawn Dowyle). Despite some tense moments, and Belenko not giving up on his plans to kill Auggie (Christopher Gorham), the threesome manage to survive although what the future holds for Miss Walker is very murky as the season (and possibly series?) comes to a close.

USA Network is still undecided whether or not to bring back the show for another season, be full or a shortened final season such as White Collar got this year. With so much of the future uncertain, the show's writers open up new possibilities for several characters including Joan (Kari Matchett) who is offered her CIA task force, Arthur (Peter Gallagher) who is approached to run for office, and Annie weighing two offers including returning to the CIA and heading up Joan's new squad and an unexpected marriage proposal from Ryan McQuaid.

The finale's B-story centers around Calder's (Hill Harper) hunt for Belenko's assassin which leads straight to the CIA where the man attempts to kill both Auggie and James Decker (Kenny Johnson). The experience, and Decker's words of wisdom force Auggie to make an unexpected move of his own and resign from the CIA to give life with Natasha (Liane Balaban). How this might effect a possible Sixth Season would have to be seen.

I've been a fan of Covert Affairs since the beginning and I'd love to see the show continue and offer further adventures of Annie Walker allowing a proper ending to the series. That said, despite the ambiguity, the Season Five finale isn't a bad note to end on offering hopeful futures for all of its characters and leaving the audience to decide whether Auggie and Natasha can make it work (maybe) and if Annie and McQuaid ever make it down the aisle to live happily ever after (definitely). Plus, I wouldn't mind a final season bringing back a few familiar faces from the past including Liza Hearn (Emmanuelle Vaugier) and Ben Mercer (Eion Bailey) offering proper endings to both their stories. And, if Annie does return to the CIA we might even get to see the return of Reva Kline (Jaimie Alexander) as well.

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