Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beyond - Fancy Meeting You Here

"Fancy Meeting You Here" offers likely the final appearance of Emilija Baranac as Holden's (Burkely Duffield) new crush Jaime as a double date with Luke (Jonathan Whitesell) and his girlfriend (Jacky Lai) ends in another of coma boy's freak-out sessions. While one door opens, a car accident following his meltdown jump-starts his memory and pushes Holden back into the arms of Willa (Dilan Gwyn), although still unaware of her true motivations. His desire to not return to the Realm and rash decision to end the episode is likely going to have consequences for both of them next week.

"Fancy Meeting You Here" also introduces a new player in Charlie (Eden Brolin) whose time in the Realm has left her with the ability to see and effect probabilities at a high success rate. Using her gift for her own selfish purposes, the free agent is brought into the struggle for Holden by another agent (Erika Alexander) of one of the two mysterious warring factions in need of Holden's unique gifts. Charlie, given both her abilities and selfish nature, is an interesting wild card to throw in. That, along with Willa's research into her grandfather's experiments, confirms that there are likely far more people out there with some kind of gift from their time in the Realm. This raises the question of just what makes Holden so important and why both factions are determined to see him returned to the Realm.

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