Monday, January 9, 2017

The Wicked + The Divine #25

The infighting within the Pantheon is still going strong in The Wicked + The Divine #25 as Laura and Urdr confront Woden about his complicity in Ananke's crackpot murder schemes to keep "the Great Darkness" at bay and control the cadre of selfish and self-serving gods with short lifespans.

There are a couple big takeaways from this issue. First, Laura can be scary as fuck when she wants to be, and even her fellow gods are concerned and frightened by the level of her powers. Second, aside from all her maneuverings and murders, it appears Ananke was working to prevent something worse... and now we're going to get to see just what that might be.

Much of the comic deals with Laura confronting and convincing Woden to be less of a prick. During her threats to kill him Ananke's former toady we discover Woden is at least smart enough to put an insurance policy in place to protect himself. It might turn out Laura choosing not to kill him was the right move since it appears she'll need all the help she can get with the Great Darkness. Worth a look.

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