Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Elementary - Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown

The murder of a clown in the woods leads Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) to discover an attempt to poison the New York aquifer with a weaponized virus. Tracing the pathogen back to a virologist who has fled the country, it takes longer for Holmes and Watson (Lucy Liu) to discover the true motive for the crime - old fashioned greed.

While the murder of the week proves to be nothing all that special, the episode's B-story involves another member of the cast making a new enemy. For those keeping track, they've piled up quite a list. Here that enemy is the ex-husband (Robert Christopher Riley) of the Assistant District Attorney (Chasten Harmon) who Marcus (Jon Michael Hill) has started seeing. After the man uses his relationship with his ex to start a bar fight with Marcus to get her thrown off an important case, and possibly cause trouble for Detective Bell within the precinct, Marcus leans on the help of Watson to do a little digging and give him the leverage he needs. Joan may have given Marcus the leverage he needed, but it certainly doesn't make him any new friends.

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