Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Beyond - Pilot / Tempus Fugit

After spending 12 years in a coma, Holden (Burkely Duffield) awakes to the amazement of family and doctors. Apparently not suffering from any physical ill-effects, they young man who was knocked unconscious as a middle-school student awakes to a brave new world. He's also got to deal with growing paranoia, nightmarish visions, sleepwalking, and two separate groups after him for the not-yet-defined powers he somehow awoke with. There's also and odd woman (Dilan Gwyn) who tells Holden while his body never moved his mind spent more than a decade with her in some other reality of which he only remembers brief glimpses.

Freeform has had mixed results when attempting to delve into the supernatural. Shadowhunters, Ravenswood, and Stitchers all have their issues where writing, acting, and production are concerned. Beyond is a little goofy in spots, but its mystery holds the first two episodes together fairly well. It's an interesting take on the super-power concept as I'm guessing Holden was gifted or learned how to do use these powers during his decade-plus nap. I am a little concerned that the answers he receives are likely going to be less intriguing than the absence of them, but for a couple of hours the show certainly held my attention.

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