Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Librarians and the Wrath of Chaos

The Third Season finale wraps up both of the ongoing storylines involving Apep's attempts to unleash pure evil into the world and D.O.S.A.'s interference with the Librarians' work. Beginning with betrayal, Eve (Rebecca Romijn) allows the goverment to pillage the Library and kidnap Jenkins (John Larroquette) while sending Stone (Christian Kane), Ezekiel (John Kim), and Cassandra (Lindy Booth) on a wild goose chase to keep them out of harm's way. Meanwhile, Flynn (Noah Wyle) remains in the Library salvaging what artifacts he can while preparing to sacrifice himself to stop Apep once and for all.

Ever since its first episode, The Librarians has struggled with what to do with Flynn Carson. For some reason the character wasn't part of the initial design of the show, only reappearing here and there to help the new Librarians in need. "And the Wrath of Chaos" offers the Librarian a glorious death which would likely serve the show better in the long run and allow the other Librarians to grow further into their roles. Instead the finale offers a last=second twist which feels like a bit of a cheat (I'm also not convinced D.O.S.A. would be so willing to return the artifacts as government agencies are rarely swayed by logic alone). The episode ties up all the loose ends, but it could have been used to usher Flynn out of the series and set-up a more interesting dynamic with the training wheels removed for next season (should the show get renewed).

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