Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Librarians - And the Fatal Separation

Heading into next week's season (possibly series?) finale, The Librarians continues to weave in pieces from the original Librarian movies. For this week that means both the return of Charlene (Jane Curtin) and Flynn (Noah Wyle) and company heading to Shangri-La (last seen in the The Librarian: Quest for the Spear). There's actually quite a bit happening in this episode including Eve (Rebecca Romijn) learning that her old mentor is running D.O.S.A. - and wants Eve to switch sides, Stone (Christian Kane) getting some weapons training to help make sense of why he's had an increasingly strong Elliot Spencer vibe the last-half of this season, Cassandra (Lindy Booth) getting used to her new gift, and the show saying goodbye to one of the franchise's oldest characters (and foreshadowing the departure of another).

When Shangri-La comes under attack by an evil artifact collector and his army of ninjas, Stone brings in the Librarians to recover the staff before control of the sacred place falls into hands of an enemy (which could also tip the balance of power in Atep's direction. The reunion with Charlene is a happy coincidence, but one that proves useful for the Librarians reclaiming the artifact. As the the Library's first Guardian, her days have come to an end (and once again we are clued-in on the fact that Flynn may soon be joining her). Next week's finale will bring the conflict between the Library and D.O.S.A. to a head, and you would expect wrap-up the Atep storyline as well. Who's side will Eve ultimately choose? And will there be one less Librarian when the closing credits roll?

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