Monday, July 10, 2017

Dark Matter - One More Card to Play

"One More Card to Play" picks up the thread of the Rasa's missing doppelgangers from the parallel universe when the alternate versions of Portia (Melissa O'Neil) and Boone (Anthony Lemke) steal a Zairon transport ship, betray one the crew's few remaining allies, and attempt to steal the Rasa. While the plan ulimately fails due to extra contingency plans by Five (Jodelle Ferland) and the Android (Zoie Palmer), the entire series of events ends in a stalemate with the other crew still at large (and now in possession of their own ship).

The episode plays up the misdirection and chaos two Raza crews can create (especially when one of them is still cold-blooded murderers). Based on the end of the episode it doesn't look like the other Portia and friends are going to slink back into the darkness and lick their wounds. Instead it appears they are looking for their own friends and still have plans for this universe's versions of themselves. However, before the show can continue that storyline a trip to visit Six (Roger Cross) is likely going to lead for heartache for at least one member of the crew.

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