Sunday, July 2, 2017

iZombie - Looking for Mr. Goodbrain

The two-part season finale of iZombie's Third Season means some big revelations, big changes, and the arrival of D-Day as Seattle will discover the truth about the zombies in their midst. In "Part 1" Liv (Rose McIver) consumes the brains of an amorous murder victim which leads her to sleep with Chase Graves (Jason Dohring) and then question whether or not he killed the woman whose brains have loosened her libido and whether or not he is also behind a conspiracy to infect the entire city with a deadly disease. Major's (Robert Buckley) life gets no easier. The fate of several of his former comrades, killed during the suicide bombing of his friends and fellow zombie soldiers, leads him to make a drastic decision about his future

The choice not to make Graves the evil mastermind is unexpected, and allows Dohring to return next season. Liv may have destroyed one relationship by sleeping with the zombie, but perhaps this relationship is just getting started. Major deciding to go back to being a zombie isn't as unexpected, but the show lays out more than enough groundwork to justify the decision. The return of Dale Bozzio (Jessica Harmon) who gets shell-shocked to discover the truth about zombies only hours before becoming one herself also opens up several brand-new avenues for the character. As for Ravi (Rahul Kohli), we'll have to wait to see the effects of his proposed zombie vaccine and what hope that might give a city already coming apart at the seams once people realize brain-eating zombies are among them.

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