Thursday, July 13, 2017

Green Arrow #26

Framed for murder by the Ninth Circle, Oliver Queen hits the road to prove his innocence. This leaves Seattle in the capable hands of Ollie's friends. Taking its name from Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams' famous run (minus the social commentary), part one of "Hard Traveling Hero" catches up to Green Arrow on the road where his investigation crosses paths with another member of the Justice League: the Flash.

Despite the continued use of the awful costume redesign (seriously, this yellow piping has to go), it's fun to see the Flash here. DC Rebirth keeps to the DCU's history in that despite both being close friends with Hal Jordan, neither character gets along that well with the other.

Along with the team-up Green Arrow #26 reveals that the Ninth Circle is in to more than just framing goateed vigilantes for murder as the heroes discover the Black Hole (yet another villanious organization tied to the Circle) is performing Speed Force experiments. With more questions than either started out with, the pair decide to continue their team-up. I'll be curious to see where their journey takes them (if I can stomach that awful Flash costume for another issue). Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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