Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

After arcs centering on Jason Todd and Artemis, the current run of Red Hood and the Outlaws shifts focus to their companion Bizarro whose clone body has begun to break down. Understanding his condition, but unwilling to allow his friends to fight a rampaging Solomon Grundy alone, Bizarro chooses to join the fray.

While the comic has built up a connection between Red Hood and Bizarro over the first few issues, Artemis' reaction to Bizarro's condition is a little more surprising. Perhaps it's caused in part by recent events and losses, or perhaps she has come to respect the creature as a warrior given his help to them in Qurac. Either way, the three strangers have become something of a team, and maybe even more, over the course of the first dozen issues.

While the Outlaws are able to put Solomon Grundy down with Bizarro's help, the clone's exertion comes with cost. However, hope arrives from an unlikely source. Could Superman's greatest enemy be the key to saving the Man of Steel's clone? After finally bringing the threesome together I'd be surprised to see the comic let go of one of its stars so quickly. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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