Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dark Matter - Wish I Could Believe You

After a chemical attack Six (Roger Cross) awakes aboard the Raza among his friends but can't help shake the feeling something is wrong and begins to suspect that nothing is real. Eventually Six manages to break out of the simulation, or does he? "Wish I Could Believe You" works as a classic sci-fi story where nothing can be trusted, even offering a twist or two once Six thinks he's made it out of the simulation.

The episode is also noteworthy because of the side-effects of the scientists playing with his brain which cause some forgotten memories of his life to resurface including those of his wife and daughter and his struggles balancing his responsibilities to them against his job in law enforcement. And, as the show enjoys doing, the end of the episode foreshadows danger lurking for Three (Anthony Lemke) as Sarah's (Natalie Brown) AI consciousness continues to grow more powerful.

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