Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Batman #30

Continuing the War of Riddles and Jokes, the latest issue of Batman picks up the thread from Batman #27 and brings back Kite Man as our narrator. Obviously having chosen the wrong side, especially now that Batman has chosen to team-up with the Riddler to take down the Joker's army, Kite Man languishes as the Dark Knight and the Riddler's men slowly whittle down the remaining Joker supporters until only he is left.

Batman #30 isn't really enjoyable. It's told well enough, but with the story presented from such a pathetic character to begin with, who sees the man who murdered his child winning the war of the super-villains, the issue is drowning in self-pity and melancholy. To top it off we even get discussion between Kite Man and his dead son about what a humongous joke the character is. Jeesh.

Despite an interesting start, the arc has overstayed its welcome and left some troubling continuity (Batman unable to stop the villains of Gotham, the Riddler carving a question mark on his bare chest, and plenty more) that the comic will unfortunately have to deal with in the months to come. Pass.

[DC, $2.99]

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