Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Rick and Morty - Morty's Mind Blowers

There are two interesting takeaways from Rick and Morty's version of a clip-show. After a troubling adventure involving Morty (Justin Roiland) looking into the eyes of an unknowing turtle, Rick (Roiland) offers his grandson the ability to have the memory removed and reveals and entire library of mind-blowing memories the scientist has taken out of Morty's mind. Showing his grandson a few to demonstrate the point allows the show to offer us glimpses of several bizarre adventures without going into much depth while highlighting either the bad decisions of Morty, the questionable decisions of Rick, or something the scientist simply didn't want his grandson to remember.

In a multiverse with an evil Morty you have to wonder how much that version of the character remembers of his time with Rick as the show offers plenty of reasons for the character to hate his grandfather here. Unlike here where both characters get their memories momentarily wiped and use the machine to piece things back together again, does Evil Morty remember it all? And if so, which memory was it that pushed him over the edge?

The other interesting idea presented here, other than the evil plans of squirrels, is that Summer (Spencer Grammer) has apparently been cast into the role of Rick's fail safe, who Rick is relying on far more than her brother when things get too crazy. It's up to Summer to reset the pair when events lead the confused Rick and Morty to consider a suicide pack to run away from the bad movies of their lives... and memories of Men in Black II (which it sounds like Dan Harmon really, really didn't like and is still holding a grudge 15 years later).

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