Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Preacher - The End of the Road

The Second Season of Preacher wraps up with more of a whimper than a bang. After being stuck in neutral for most of this season, the show moves microscopically forward with Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) admitting the hard truth to himself about his son, albeit in a completely selfish way, providing the beginning of Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) working as Klaus Starr's (Pip Torrens) new messiah, and offering a pair of deaths which should finally force the show to move out of the rut it has gotten stuck in since landing in New Orleans.

Given how the opening scene of a young Jesse ties back to the cliffhanger ending, I have no doubt Tulip (Ruth Negga) will be returning with the rest of the cast next year although the "cost" of her resurrection is a point of interest. The reveal that Starr has extracted the 1% of Jesse's soul should also keep the Grail involved next season, as well as offer one possibility for the growing trouble our preacher has using Genesis. As for Eugene (Ian Colletti) and Hitler's (Noah Taylor) escape from Hell, it's a long set-up for a cheap joke that I don't want to see get any more screentime. I'd be perfectly happy if the characters were dropped completely, but given how much this season has relied on them for filler I doubt that is a real possibility.

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