Thursday, September 7, 2017

Harley Quinn and Batman #2

The misadventures of Harley Quinn continue in this second issue. After being saved from the Dynamic Duo by Poison Ivy, Harley helps her gal pal with her latest plant-inspired scheme. To do so however, she'll need Harley's help in financing the plan. And Harley knows just where to get the money (which will bring in another major character from Batman: The Animated Series - albeit in her far-less interesting redesigned look).

Fans of Ivy and Harley together should enjoy this issue (more than the recent animated film which casts them on opposite sides for most of its run time). We also get Harley sporting her own blimp-like hang-glider and Batman taking care of other crime in the city such as an appearance by one of his least threatening villains of all time.

[DC, $.99]

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