Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Voltron: Legendary Defender - The Journey

Whatever happened to Shiro (Josh Keaton)? The Black Lion's paladin disappeared during the Season finale. While offering hints that there's far more to the story than what we are seeing, "The Journey" picks up Shiro's thread when the paladin breaks out of a Galra ship. After a crash landing on a frozen moon, dealing with a pair of resistance fighters, and stowing away on another cruiser, Shiro finally finds his way back to Voltron. It will take several days alone in the black of space, however, before his eventual reunion with his friends.

With only the briefest of cameos for Voltron, the episode stays centered on Shiro and his journey home. His return is certainly going to cause some shake-up among the other paladins, however given the numerous hints dropped here (the medical flashbacks, the ease of his escape, the gaps in his memory, and a mission title very close to the word "clone") I think it's very likely that the Shiro that is returning to the Voltron unit isn't the same person they once knew.

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