Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Good Place - Everything Is Great!

After the shocking reveal to end last season, "Everything Is Great!" resets The Good Place as Michael (Ted Danson) erases the memories of the four humans and reintroduces them to a heaven that is really anything but. There's a bit of redundancy in the two-part premiere as the show gives us the perspectives of each of the main characters over the course of the first day in The Good Place. Despite his best efforts to separate the quartet, Michael watches despondently as his reboot doesn't have the effect he had hoped. But when you fail, try, try again.

Michael's ability to constantly reset the universe proves to be an interesting cheat, but his disapproving overseer is likely to prevent the custodian from getting away with it one more time. Along with our humans, there's plenty of confusion and petulance to go around with the demons cast as their neighbors. The disgust of "Real Elanor" (Tiya Sircar) after finding herself recast as the pizza lady is one of the nicer touches (along with the demons taking a far too literal interpretation on Michael's instructions). Is Michael right? Will the third time be the charm? How will the fake heaven and its inhabitants make the afterlife horrible for their new guests? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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