Friday, September 29, 2017

SEAL Team - Tip of the Spear

SEAL Team is one of two new high-profile military action-dramas hitting network television this Fall. David Boreanaz leads the cast as the troubled leader of a SEAL team following the loss of one of their own. The first episode gives us Senior chief petty officer Jason Hayes (Boreanaz) struggling with the loss of a man under his command, a new joint CIA mission involving the capture of a high-profile target and rescue of an American citizen, his dislike for therapy, and a new member thrown into his unit whom he has plenty of reason to distrust. While there's not much original about the show's pilot episode, the episode's action sequences are all well-staged and the emotional moments (while over-simplified at times) work well enough to make it a better alternative to NBC's The Brave.

Given the blatant pro-military advertising for both this and The Brave (which I couldn't make myself watch), I'll admit, I was not expecting much. Boreanaz is better than the writing and I was very intrigued by Jessica Paré as the CIA liaison in charge of the intelligence for the team's mission. Here's hoping we see more of her in weeks to come and less of the bland home life drama (complete with a parent making it to a recital at the last possible second, ugh). I'm not sure how long I'll stick with the show, but there was at least enough here to bring me back for a second week.

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