Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Batwoman - I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury

When the Executioner starts targeting city officials both Kate (Ruby Rose) and the Crows will scour the city, but while Jacob Kane's (Dougray Scott) men are more than willing to pin the activities on a recently-paroled convict Kate suspects there is far more going on. "I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury" features what we've come to expect from the series with Ruby Rose getting more comfortable in her Bat-gear and continuing to be the one standout of the show. While the Executioner works fine as a one-off baddie, his elaborate death traps (including the opening scene where the victim could have simply run to either the left or the right instead of trying to climb a metal fence to avoid electrocution) still leave something to be desired.

The main story also opens the door to the possibility that man serving time for killing Luke's (Camrus Johnson) father may be innocent. From the rather unsubtle way this was introduced with Luke yelling at Kate, and then brought up again with Luke pouring over the file at the end of the episode, I'm guessing we'll see more of this in the weeks to come. The episode offers a pair of back-up stories as Mouse (Sam Littlefield) gets jealous of Alice's (Rachel Skarsten) interest in Kate and Mary (Nicole Kang) takes care of an injured Sophie (Meagan Tandy) who has discovered Batwoman's secret (but decides not to share that info with Kate's half-sister... or Kate's father).

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