Monday, November 11, 2019

Legacies - Since When Do You Speak Japanese?

"Since When Do You Speak Japanese?" offers more Malivore drama when a samurai with a demon inside him is expelled only to have the demon jump bodies and begin to infect others around town. Eventually it makes its way to Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) forcing a tough choice for Josie (Kaylee Bryant) who saves her sister at the cost of taking another step down a dangerous path where Professor Vardemus (Alexis Denisof) is all-too-happy to lead her. In terms of season-long storylines, the most intriguing piece of the episode is Lizzy regaining her memories of Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) at the end of the episode begging the question just what will she do with that knowledge and how may it affect Hope's eventual return to the Salvatore School?

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