Thursday, November 14, 2019

Young Justice #10

Young Justice #10 concludes the comic's multiverse-jumping arc with our intrepid heroes kicking the butts of the not-so-heroic-heroes of Earth-3 before finally making it home. While I enjoyed the arc, and will miss this version of Stephanie Brown stepping up to take on the role of the main Bat-character in the alternate world as Batwoman, I do have to agree with Impulse that the storyline peaked with the team meeting the Zoo Crew.

As has been the comic's set-up, this issue also provides flashbacks to another member of the team fleshing out the past of Jinny Hex (and her inheritance of all kinds of weird weapons left to her by great-great-grandfather (one of which makes her, literally, a much larger member of the team).

Final note, despite the tease on the cover, Naomi doesn't appear anywhere in this issue until the final panel as Young Justice finally makes it home (almost making you wonder if the comic accidentally shipped with next month's cover). That said, I'm very curious to see Naomi get thrown into the mix. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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