Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Batwoman - Mine Is a Long And a Sad Tale

The awkward placement and timing of events, something the show has struggled more with than any of the other super-hero series on The CW, bites Batwoman again in the odd episode of Kate (Ruby Rose) easily capturing Alice (Rachel Skarsten) but not turning her in. Instead we get the beginning of the story of what happened to Beth Kane years ago, halfway through Alice gets the upper-hand and lures her father into yet another trap. Despite the creepy opening, the story turns out to be rather bland (with some questionable plot choices such as Alice returning her sister and father to the house where they could have rescued her years before... but didn't because of Beth's own inaction?). I know she's a sociopath, but blaming her family for these events is crazy, even for a crazy person (who is remarkably sane when the script needs her to be).

In terms of ongoing themes, Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) finally has accepted Alice's true identity, and we are introduced to Alice's "other" family (meet the creepy skin-loving shut-in) who apparently has a large role to play in her plans. While doing little more than filling dead time in the episode, the choice to put Mary (Nicole Kang) and Luke (Camrus Johnson) together turns out to be one of the brightest spots in the episode (despite Kang's overacting). Given her connection to Kate and a skill-set which will likely be needed for a crime-fighting vigilante, I would guess that Mary will eventual either discover (or be told) Kate's secret. Meanwhile, the episode all but confirms Sophie (Meagan Tandy) knows exactly what Kate is doing with her nights.

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