Thursday, November 14, 2019

Jack Ryan - Orinoco

A couple of storylines converge in "Orinoco" as Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) and Greer (Wendell Pierce) join-up with Matice's (John Hoogenakker) team to investigate the cargo containers transported from the docks to a secret facility in the Venezuelan jungle. Not finding the evidence in the first container, Jack risks the operation to continue looking which leads to a reunion with a familiar face (Arnold Vosloo) and one member (Jovan Adepo) of the expedition getting left behind. His actions in the episode further underline Jack's personal stake in the mission and possibly foreshadow more trouble in his path if his reckless behavior continues.

Because of the race out of the jungle, it's unclear what (if anything) Jack discovered in that final cargo container. While it didn't appear to be a smoking gun, it obviously got his attention. In other storylines, the episode continues to highlight the various Venezuelan political figures including introducing us to Gloria Bonalde (Cristina Umaña) who is gaining support in her bid to unseat President Nicolás Reyes (Benito Martinez) in the upcoming election. Martinez is charming as the political upstart, giving the episode what it needs to paint her as a legitimate threat to the current regime. Jack also discovers the details of Greer's medical condition which allowed a suspect to get away in the previous episode and slowed the team down from making a clean exit in this episode.

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