Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Batman & the Outsiders #14

It's taken a year, but Batman & the Outsiders #14 finally puts Batman in the field with the team (or at least some of them) as Batman takes the super-powered Black Lightning, Katana, and Sofia Ramos into the field for a sneak attack on one of Ra's al Ghul's base in hopes of both blooding the nose of the Demon's Head and finding a clue to the location of his doomsday weapon.

Not willing to wait for Batman to catch-up, Lady Shiva takes Orphan and Signal into the field to apply some pressure to see if her team can find the location of Ra's and his weapon quicker.

I miss the beautiful panels Gleb Melnikov gave us of Batman in the last issue, but Dexter Soy is back and in good form. Batman & the Outsiders #14 (thankfully) marks a more proactive turn for the heroes who up until this point have been reacting to Ra's plans. It also reveals to the Outsiders that Shiva is in communication with Batman and has been working, at least in part, with him for the last few issues. Will this finally mean a reunification of the team just in time for the big fight against the League of Assassins?

[DC, $3.99]

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