Monday, July 27, 2020

Warrior Nun - Psalm 46:5

Adapted from the comic book Warrior Nun Areala, the opening episode of Warrior Nun introduces us to a world where a legion of heavily armed nuns fight battles against an unknown foe. The field leader of the group (Melina Matthews) is injured in an attack and unable to be saved by the medical nuns (guess they have every type of nun in this series) with the yet-to-be-named enemy at the door. The opening episode of Warrior Nun could use a bit more world building as we're left largely as clueless as to how the nuns operate (are they known? work in the shadows? vigilantes? some kind of official law enforcement?) although Father Vincent's (Tristán Ulloa) musings to a bartender near the end of the episode seem to point to most people being unaware of their existence and at least explain what the group is fighting against: demons on Earth.

Most of the story is presented from the view of the recently deceased Ava (Alba Baptista), a paraplegic orphan who died in a Catholic orphanage but who is resurrected when the angel's halo taken out of the dying warrior nun's body is inserted into Ava's body to hide it from the demons seeking it. Yeah, that's an interesting sentence. Confused by both her circumstances and the ability to walk, Ava flees the church into the streets believing her new reality either a dream or a drug-induced hallucination. While she seeks to experience life (leading to spending time with a group of world-traveling squatters), the nuns begin a search for the resurrected girl whose powers do far more than simply allow her to walk. Given the odd visions, likely of the demons Father Vincent spoke of, and her unusual power, Ava's destiny seems intertwined with the nuns (who we don't learn much of yet), but how will the receive someone who seems far from a true believer?

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