Tuesday, July 21, 2020

SHAZAM!: Lightning Strikes #1

Despite the digital cover by Doc Shaner paying homage to the classic Captain Marvel style with a modern twist, SHAZAM!: Lightning Strikes #1 is very much a modern take on the hero with Billy Batson bringing forth his alter-ego in order to put a school bully in his place.

The consequences of the hero's arrival at the Egyptian exhibit involve the magic lightning accidentally activating an Egyptian artifact and releasing a warrior trapped within the ankh for thousands of years (none too happy to see the temple's treasures having been removed from the Dendera Temple complex leading to a tussle between Kaemqed and Earth's Mightiest Mortal).

There's some nice action here along with some kid-friendly banter. Even if the story misses the point of Billy becoming a bully when publicly shaming Esposito, I don't think many are going to feel too sorry for the character who redeems himself by the end. While I'm a much bigger fan of the more classic version of the character of Captain Marvel, fans of the more modern take on Shazam may enjoy this one.

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