Monday, July 20, 2020

Harley Quinn #74

In the penultimate issue of the series, Harley Quinn finally catches up to Wittleson and solves the murder of her friend Alicia which has been the driving force behind the last several issues of the series. However, the woman behind Wittleson has her own plans for Earth as Harley Quinn comes face-to-face with Granny Goodness.

Harley Quinn #74 wraps up the "California or Death" storyline as Harley uses both psychology and guile to lower Granny's defenses before taking the knockout punch and saving the world from the Fire Pit she's been secretly feeding under the city. Not too shabby, Ms. Quinzel.

Clarity and closure on Alicia's murder isn't the only thing Harley finds as the comic ends with Harley and Booster Gold together at last. The question is, with the comic coming to a close is this all we'll ever get of Goldie Quinn? Or may another series and writer explore where this unlikely duo may go from here? Here's hoping we having seen the last of these two.

[DC, $3.99]

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