Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Once and Future #9

Picking up from the end of last issue, Once and Future #9 opens with Duncan and his Gran taking on Beowulf. The pair survive (which is more than can be said for Duncan's car) thanks to some quick thinking and a holy landmine. Once and Future #9 continues the theme of strong action and sly humor as despite dispatching Beowulf things are not going to get any easier for our young hero.

The issue offers some time with Merlin who explains the distraction of Beowulf, despite knowing that Brigette and Duncan were likely to survive that attack. There's a clever twist as Merlin reveals that when you bring heroes back from legend they don't come alone.

While Zombie Arthur seems a bit off his rocker, Merlin seems relatively sane in comparison, working on the long game to see the return of his king (despite what shape Arthur may be in physically or mentally). Releasing figures like Beowulf and Grendel into the world should keep Duncan occupied, but will it buy enough time to put Arthur back on the throne?

[BOOM!, $3.99]

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