Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Stargirl - Brainwave Jr.

Family is a big theme in "Brainwave Jr." as Henry (Jake Austin Walker) goes to Courtney (Brec Bassinger) in hopes of saving his father from Icicle (Neil Jackson) and the ISA's plans. The series continues with its subtle misdirections as Henry assumes from his father's tapes that Icicle killed his mother, only to learn at the end what really happened as Henry's heroic turn ends just as quickly as it began. Barbara (Amy Smart) learning the truth of what Courtney and Pat (Luke Wilson) have been up to behind her back causes a family split as well as Barbara plans to move her daughter out of town as quickly as possible, until she discovers just enough truth in Courtney's bizarre story to begin to question everything around her.

While the show has moved past the argument of who Courtney's father is, accepting her explanation that he was Starman, "Brainwave Jr." pulls on that thread again as it foreshadows a reveal concerning Courtney's true parentage (the question is, will this also explain her connection to the staff?). While hunting the sewers for Brainwave, Courtney, Henry and Yolanda (Yvette Monreal) come across Dragon King (Nelson Lee) laboratory, showcasing how well the trio work as a team, while Rick (Cameron Gellman) comes face-to-face with Solomon Grundy for the first time, nearly putting his friends in even more danger. In an episode filled with big moments, battles, and tragedy, the episode also delivers a flashback to Pat and Barbara's meet-cute and a tiny bit of hope that the family may not be torn apart just yet.

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