Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Transformers '84 #1

Taking place just prior to the events of Marvel's classic Transformers comic, the four-issue mini-series begins here with the growing discension within the Decepticons ranks as Megatron's obsession with Optimus Prime continues to disrupt larger plans. One Decepticon who was far more interesting in the comics than the original Transformers cartoon gets center stage here. Presented from the perspective of Punch (the lone Transformer who has both an Autobot and Decepticon transformation), the story begins to unfold in Transformers '84 #1 which explores how the logical Shockwave plots how to best use a situation to his own advantage.

Artist Guido Guidi captures the look of the 80s comic that featured the original Generation One version of the Transformers. Shockwave in particular, looks great here.

The timing of the comic's story allows for us to see Jetfire as Decepticon. While it's awkward to think of Dinobots prior to the arrival on Earth (aren't they supposed to be modeled on pre-historic Earth life), there inclusion does allow for another of my favorite characters to be part of the larger story as well.

[IDW, $3.99]

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